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Nails and Teeth and Fists

I use to think that I had voice. Now I never make a sound.

26 March
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Hello. My name is [armen]. I'm a tiny little tongue. Suck me.

1) I live with my mother, brother, and my ten fingers. I like my fingers. I keep them in jars.
2) I read tarot cards and half predicted the coming of 9/11.
3) I can only sleep a certain position, otherwise I will get into a state of OBE and see things.
4) I was physically raped by an incubus once. Or at least it attempted to.
5) I have thoughts in my head; fantasies and dreams imagined in the tallest of tales.
6) I named my computer Judas.
7) I have three urinary tubes (urethra) from my kidney to my bladder. (Normal people have only two.)
8) I broke a mirror once.
9) I don't believe in spousal fidelity. I have unconventional views about sexuality, passion, bonds and relationships.
10) I was kidding about the fingers.